Problem Drinking

Why does this blog exist?

Problem drinking can take many forms. Regardless of how many drinks you have per week, how drunk you act or how many hours you work/money you make, problem drinking can happen to anyone. You may drink too much because of emotional trauma or life circumstance. You may drink too much because you’re bored. Regardless of the reason, moderation is a recovery method that is often frowned upon.

According to Alcoholics Anonymous, abstinence is the best way to recover. For many, this is true. What is also true, is that in the United States, there is very little support for those who wish to cut down on drinking rather than abstain all together.

A few resources that are often overlooked include:

1.) Naltrexone. This medication is almost 80% effective for all problem drinkers who want to cut down and eliminate cravings.

2.) Club Soda Groups. In the U.K. there is an online recovery support network called that includes a ‘mindful drinking’ group.

3.) This Naked Mind is an excellent book for those interested in exploring different ways to handle problem drinking.

I have been successfully moderating my alcohol intake for a little over ten years. I’ve used wisdom from a variety of different substance abuse books/groups/meetings to create my own way of avoiding addiction while continuing to drink alcohol. Although the majority of months I am successful, there are weeks when I run over my drink limit. Because of this I want to create a larger support network for those who moderate.

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